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Dear Curious Visitor,

I don’t know you and you likely don’t know me yet.

But in the next 2 minutes I hope to impress upon you my understanding of your needs AND clearly communicate the ROI of upgrading to VRMB Premium.

If we were to meet in person -- say in an airport or outdoor cafe -- I’d start by asking you a few questions...

First: are you passionate about vacation rentals, but pissed because your success is tethered to the major listing sites?

Have your operational weaknesses been exposed as a result of increased competition and COVID-19?

Is 2021 the time for you to speed up your marketing to the next level and smash your income records year-on-year?

And lastly, I love your covid mask. Where did you get it?!

So, what is VRMB Premium? 

VRMB Premium (aka. the Inner Circle) is home to 700+ of the most creative vacation rental minds in the world and as post-pandemic, our members have accelerated into market-leading positions in their respective destinations.

Joining VRMB Premium means gleaning university-caliber wisdom from these leaders, accessing every educational resource VRMB has ever created (live roundtable recordings and workshops included), and direct messaging functionality with our VRMB staff for emergency Q&A.

We accept ANY owner or manager who wants to build financial vacation rental independence.

So long as you have the time and are willing to put in the work. (More on exceptions below.)

But will I fit in?

Our members are 40% single property owners, 40% vacation rental managers, 20% specialists and industry thought-leaders, and 100% generous with their marketing wisdom.

How does VRMB Premium work?

Once you’ve registered, simply Upgrade (Settings > Account upgrades) to become a member! We’ll figure out exactly what your problems or challenges are, and then we’ll get you the answers you need to fly!

Example 1) I need to cultivate more direct bookings 

Free from fees, communication snafus, and unforeseeable algorithm changes, direct bookings (which include repeat stays and referrals) are the holy grail of vacation rental success and we basically spend our days devising strategies to cultivate them.

One direct booking*** generated from our tips is typically worth the annual price of membership alone.

***This may vary depending on your average price per booking, but we encourage you to view VRMB Premium as an investment in your learning because as marketers we spend money to generate money.

But in addition to the conventional Return On Investment (ROI), we think beyond quick wins.

VRMB Premium is the home of Listing Site Independence -- the bulletproof “nurture marketing” model of the vacation rental sector.

Nurture marketing is about planting seeds, giving water and sunlight, then growing and harvesting the fruits of your labor over time. We will walk you through the steps to execute this.

Example 2. I need advice choosing the right tools for my technology stack

Choosing the right property management software, cleaning/maintenance app, dynamic pricing, smart home automation...etc. can be painful both in time, energy, and mistakes.

Which is why getting feedback from seasoned pros who have already done ALL the trials is one of the best uses of “collective wisdom” of our group.

If we haven’t already started a comprehensive thread on your need (chances are we have) then you can start one yourself and let the fun begin.

Dude, I’m short on time!

Most vacation rental professionals wear multiple hats and so do we.

Which is why we created the “Weekly Digest” initiative back in 2018, which sends you a 3-5 part video summary of the most important discussions every Sunday.

We have been sharing these digests with members for over 2 years.

And when you upgrade, I’d encourage you to watch our archived Weekly Digests: it is like getting Cliff’s Notes of the industry’s most pressing challenges dating back years.

So VRMB Premium is like a Facebook group?

Apart from the Cottage Blogger Heather Bayer (our bff and also a long-time VRMB Premium member and contributor), we’ve been training vacation rental owners and managers as long (if not longer) than anyone in the industry.

So in this sense, we’re more like a learning management software than a Facebook group.

In fact, we started off as a Facebook group but quickly changed to our own independent platform due to the unpredictable and inflammatory vibes that Facebook fosters.

In the comfort of our own safe space, where we control the flow of information, each member can work to identify their unique position in the market and invest in a diversified marketing portfolio around their niche.

Think less banter and more problem solving. However…

**Warning Warning Warning**

VRMB Premium is NOT for everyone.

+ If you are looking to get rich quick...
+ If you accept house parties or are a careless neighbor in your community...
+ If you have no time...
+ If you don’t enjoy vacation rental hospitality...

Then this is not the investment for you. We try to be borderline-aggressive about this warning.

Which has the effect of attracting extremely high-quality individuals (thus our university-style vibe).

This is the #1 thing our members value: respectful, thoughtful, and wise advice from those who are creating financial independence through collaboration.


That’s our sales pitch. It’s a bit wordy but I hope it conveys our personality, values, and precise understanding of vacation rental solutions.

If you’d like to join, simply click the Account Upgrades in your Settings tab (you can cancel at any time) or click here:

Sincerely, Your Fearless Vacation Rental Marketing Leader,
Matt Landau


Please email me: [email protected], or call my cell phone: (443) 653-1648.