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The Eureka Effect

The Eureka Effect Version 2.0

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“The Eureka Effect refers to the common human experience of suddenly understanding a previously incomprehensible problem or concept. The Eureka Effect is named after the myth that the Greek polymath Archimedes, having discovered how to measure the volume of an irregular object, leaped out of a public bath, and ran home naked shouting “Eureka” (I found it).”

As much as I’m sure you’d love to envision a 16th century Archimedes running around naked screaming Eureka, this book is actually about the “Eureka” moments vacation rental owners and managers experience in growing their businesses. The first part features my own revelations from nearly 10 years of vacation rental operation in the historic district of Casco Viejo, Panama.

As the only luxury accommodation in town for approximately three years, then becoming partner with the largest real estate developer who ushered in the Ace Hotel to our emerging neighborhood, my learning was like a crash course in guerilla marketing and business growth. These learnings became the impetus for the Vacation Rental Marketing Blog and this book distills most of my early “big discoveries” down into easy reading.

The second part of this book features interesting case studies from VRMB Community members. What were the moments their businesses growth inflected upwards? What single rules or discoveries helped them take off?

And sure it’s nice to have universal secrets in your marketing vault (this book is chock full of them). But beyond that, this book secretly aims to help you establish the right conditions in which your own Eureka moments can and will organically flourish.

In fact, if reading through this conjures up any Eureka moments that you have had, please add them to the discussion tab of this resource.

Lastly, since this eBook was originally published in 2014, it’s gone through several revisions, updates, and edits. In addition to small edits in the body of each section, keep an eye out for the paragraphs labeled “Current Day Matt” in bold. These are reflections from me at the time of publishing (December, 2020).
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