In my endless pursuit for limited edition (full workshop here if you haven't watched it) I am starting to assemble chunks of a "how to" process that we can say to new STR operators "here's a good start."

But seeing as though Limited Edition is so personal and unique and IRREPLICABLE lol the process of creating universal rules is difficult!

Inspired by CJ CJ who pointed out to me recently the operational complexity of engineering one-off activities into his team's workflow (ie. for a lot of people it's just not financially feasible) I am proposing what I think is a pretty great combo to receive (as a guest) upon welcome at a short term rental (that's not outrageous for the hosting company to pull off).

1. A local food gift: The idea here is to form a partnership with a local food company, to gift guests a portion of their food, and to encourage guests to go buy more. This is highlighted exceptionally well in The Undeniable Power of Fresh Local Coffee (featuring BrianO BrianO) but it could just as easily work with wine vineyards, pastry shops or other specialty shops. By directly connecting with this company you form a bridge for your guests to spend their vacation dollars. The consumable factor is for me is key experiential.

2. A hand-written note: It's perhaps the best use of our time because it's just impossible to mistake for anything other than thoughtfulness and care. I was reading this article and the human, thoughtful, hospitality vibes are something VRMB community members can replicate (no matter how luxury you are). If you want to send hand-written cards without writing them use this thread.

When these two things greet a guest upon arrival, there's a simple kind of brand building that's taking place.

What do you all think?

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