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The Live Las Vegas Advocacy Roundtable

Welcome back to the How to Save Your Vacation Rental Business show! To tease the impending launch of Season 3 and to get a sense of the state of advocacy right now, Dana and Matt sat down with a panel from across the industry for a live recording session on where we are and whats coming in Season 3.

This was recorded a few hours ago as the 2022 VRMA International Conference came to a close.

The first episode of Season 3 drops on Tuesday, November 1st. Upcoming guests include Jamie Lane of AirDNA, Robin Craigen in Steamboat Springs, Dru Brown on Hilton Head Island, Dusty Church on Tybee Island, Linda Curry from Arizonans for Responsible Tourism and many more. These guests will join forces with Dana to lay the groundwork for the creation of a scorecard that allows managers, investors and realtors to measure the advocacy health of a destination. Along the way we'll be hearing about some of the toughest fights in the industry and learning whats working to counter bans and unfair regulation.

This season is made possible by AirDNA, Minut and TrackHS.

AirDNA is every vacation rental manager's go-to source for the most accurate property performance, benchmarking, and acquisition insights. Come see why over 2,000 global VRMs trust AirDNA to move their businesses forward.

Minut monitors noise, occupancy, motion and temperature in rental properties, helping hosts care for their homes, guests and community.

Track Hospitality Software powered by TravelNet Solutions transforms your vacation rental company so you can transform the way vacation rental advocacy plays out in your region.

Thank you to our guests:
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Dana Dana just wanted to say I have heard from several people (most recently JanS JanS) who all are beginning to think about advocacy in unique new ways because of these efforts :)

What a meaningful round table discussion! I've posted it in our STR owner's group.

Our leadership team will be talking with our new County Councilmember tomorrow, and we've included a section of factors that have affected the national housing market taken directly from this episode.

Above all, it is both comforting and inspiring to hear that so many others are dealing with the same issues that we are. Fascinating social phenomena, that anecdotal stories have such emotional impact! Time to bring forth the positive aspects of STR hosts and guests.

Big gratitude to Dana, Matt, and all the participants!

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