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The Vacation Rental Software Cheat Sheet

The Vacation Rental Software Cheat Sheet [PDF] 1.1

Matt Landau

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Matt Landau submitted a new resource:

The Vacation Rental Software Cheat Sheet - 10 Categories To Be Aware Of

Understanding the main categories of the vacation rental software market will make your research significantly less overwhelming. And having this cheat sheet will help you quickly contextualize any given company.

This is our version of a cheat sheet for your journey into vacation rental software: designed to act as guideposts or bumper rails to ensure your tech discovery process is on the right track.

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Inner Circle
Very user-friendly and technology is critical to managing properties.
I would welcome a Tools Resources page with the same categories that lists the top (5-ish) software apps as voted on by members with: the name of app, basic description, the learning curve required ( subjective component. For instance, I think Quickbooks is for those who understand Accounting and ledgers; high learning curve and not for someone with basic expense tracking needs), the target audience( 1-4 properties), and the price or pricing structure.
We have Resources and someone is putting together a list by category, but if I'd known that Quickbooks was so Accounting-oriented, I wouldn't have bothered with it. Member's input is critical. What is used and a bit of feedback on whether it's user-friendly or for techies only would be invaluable.
If this document already exists, send me on my way! Lol! Thanks Matt and Terri đź‘Ť

Matt Landau

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Hi @Catherine we're working to curate that complete list here, which now runs parallel (in terms of layout) to the Cheat Sheet. The actual software recommendations are a natural next step from this Cheat Sheet, but also significantly more challenging and nuanced based on individual members business sizes and their tech skill levels. But we're getting there! If you find yourself needing a particular category suggestion, please jump in and ask -- we'll add it to the resources page.
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As thefts are on the rise, even in our remote area - especially in remote areas with only local security and few sheriffs - security suggestions and package comparisons would be welcomed here. Also useful for counting noses, pets and other issues.