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Matt Landau

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Celebrating a decade in the industry, we took inventory of everything we’ve learned. @Matt Landau in collaboration with the VRMB faculty unearthed nine fundamental principles beneath the surface of the most successful vacation rental businesses over time, and throughout the world. These nine principles build a force field around your business.

Forget every other course or educational resource you've seen. "VRMB: Force Field" is a totally new kind of learning experience. In these short videos, we cut straight to the strategies and tactics you can use to build a more profitable and sustainable vacation rental business.


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Will Franco

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This was a genuine pleasure to edit and republish in a shorter format.

The Forcefield presentation is an adjunct to VRMB: Principles. It's chocked full of case studies and real examples.

I added a table of content so you can jump to the chapters that interested you the most. You can access the TOC in the bottom right-hand corner. We also put together a companion workbook to help you take down notes and develop the ideas.

I'm looking forward to hearing about the ideas it sturs up 💡
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