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  1. Matt Landau

    What's the ROI of your mother?

    IDEA Some marketing activities -- like listing sites and email newsletters -- are common. But other activities that generate equal (if not BETTER) results are far less obvious. I spent the last week with over 500 vacation rental virtuosos at the Streamline Summit in Scottsdale, AZ. And one of...
  2. Matt Landau

    You Gotta Tell 'em, Tell 'em, and Tell 'em Again

    Disclaimer: This may sound stupid simple but it really works. I recommend you try. IDEA To solve a fellow VRMB Community member's very important messaging question, we recently spent $700 for one hour with a copywriting consultant. Yes, this is a huge amount of money. But I had been following...
  3. Matt Landau

    Kitchen Guide

    Matt Landau submitted a new resource: Kitchen Guide - Andy curated this guide to stocking a vacation rental kitchen from Guest feedback over the years Read more about this resource...
  4. Matt Landau

    The Mutiny Test

    Note: I learned this idea from Bryce Leonard of Key Data Dashboard at (where so much conference learning takes place) the hotel bar. Perhaps Obvious Fact #1: Technology is the single biggest game-changer that propels today's vacation rental pros (compared to their hospitality predecessors) to...
  5. Matt Landau

    "Build your business as if you'll own it forever, but could sell it tomorrow"

    Only after publishing this week's Unlocked Interview with Eric Broughton of InhabitIQ -- who is buying up various property management software companies -- have I (finally) come to (fully) understand the (irreversible) way our cottage industry is evolving: Starts out fragmented = large number...
  6. Matt Landau

    Can We Move Slowly and Fix Things?

    "Move fast and break things" (aka. MFABT for the remainder of this post) was originally coined by Mark Zuckerberg for his internal Facebook team regarding design and management. But it has since become a catchphrase for how many start-ups and entrepreneurs think about "disruptive" technology...
  7. Matt Landau

    Would You Like To Close More Bookings, Increase Reviews & Command Trust/Respect All With One Technique?

    (OK so I apologize about the title: it's something that early-marketer-Matt would have written. But I couldn't resist the cheesy sensationalization on this technique because it's worth the hype.) If there was one technique that I wish more owners and managers would try, it's talking head video...
  8. Matt Landau

    Guest "Rate Your Stay" Template

    Matt Landau submitted a new resource: Guest "Rate Your Stay" Template - Aka. The paper with the dog on top Read more about this resource...
  9. Matt Landau

    Please Help: What Is Our "Ethos"?

    I love receiving notes from VRMB Community members and yesterday I got this one from long-time member and colleague, @JVozel: It's getting more difficult as the industry grows to incorporate more facets (to our businesses). Including bad actors who are not a net-positive to their environments...
  10. Matt Landau

    How Do We Feel About This Airbnb Ad Featuring Scottie Pippen?

    To me, there's something a little awkward about addressing the topics of bad guests (smoke, noise, parties) so bluntly. It's like, these are real problems, and you shouldn't do them, wink wink. I kinda like it. But not sure. Thoughts?
  11. Matt Landau

    What Do These Businesses Have In Common?

    I’ve always been inspired by small business owners. Specifically, those who have used small business to create a lifestyle that fulfills. Cajun Claws, for instance. A small crawfish restaurant in Abbeville, Louisiana, which seats a total of about 30 tables per evening. After waiting in line for...
  12. Matt Landau

    Cleaning The Cleancio Way [Housekeeping Checklist]

    Matt Landau submitted a new resource: Cleaning The Cleancio Way [Housekeeping Checklist] - The actual checklist Rocio gives her housekeeping team Read more about this resource...
  13. Matt Landau

    Don't Sell. Storytell!

    I was out to dinner at Marcus Samuelsson's restaurant Red Rooster last week. (Yes, the same restaurant that was featured in "10 Oxtails.") Trying to decide on an adult beverage. When the waitress suggested a wine I had never heard of before. "So two sisters, separated at birth, one raised in...
  14. Matt Landau

    Vrbo Commercial Featuring John Legend

    Here's some thoughts on this commercial.... What are your thoughts? Link Netflix: World's Greatest Vacation Rentals Show Hot-take
  15. Matt Landau

    The Professional Vacation Rental by Craig Reid

    Matt Landau submitted a new resource: The Professional Vacation Rental by Craig Reid - Buying & Managing Your Home Away From Home -- Profitably Read more about this resource...
  16. Matt Landau

    Oh My Wordmarks!

    This week's motivation is a hat-tip to @ToonTownRob who introduced us to the concept in this thread: Remodel nearly done. Now need a Logo --------------- IDEA A wordmark is a text-only typographic treatment of the name of a business (or vacation rental property) used for purposes of...
  17. Matt Landau

    Netflix: World's Greatest Vacation Rentals

    I'd welcome any member opinions (make a video hot take!!!) below... Ps. here's a link to our Bali episode.
  18. Matt Landau


    Disclaimer: I am directly swiping this from @StaySavvy of https://www.savvytravels.co/ who (as far as I know) invented the phrase and explained it on our Accelerator call last night. A walk-through is a protocol typically performed before (and sometimes after) a guest checks-in in which a...
  19. Matt Landau

    What Makes A Vacation Rental Professional?

    Our industry is at a pivotal juncture. Vacation rental demand at all-time high means... New owners & managers need guidance and... Guests need training or else... Unrealistic expectations produce... Bad actors who... Tarnish the craft and contribute to unfair regulation in your region Until...
  20. Matt Landau

    How To Beat A Land Grab? Be Picky.

    As children, we’re told not to be picky. "Don’t be a picky eater." "It’s only a summer job, don’t be so picky." As we enter adulthood, being picky starts to be a good thing. "Be picky with your accountant." "Be picky when choosing your spouse." And as vacation rental pros in this...