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The “Recommendation Dilemma” of Vacation Rental Management Software

In anticipation of our next Keystone Awards, we added a layer of Current User Feedback. Our first finding was The Satisfaction Gap and below, The "Recommendation Dilemma" is our second finding.

"Overall, how likely would you recommend your PMS to a peer or colleague?"
Overall the answers to this question were very high.

However, when we look at the average satisfaction levels across all features, those same VRMs were about 50% less confident in the endorsement.

The graph below shows that on average users said they were 60% satisfied overall with their software, yet, if you look at their scores of individual features, those users were on average much less satisfied with any one feature of that PMS.



What does this chart tell us? I think this could highlight a number of plausible realities.
  • Either, (1) users in general are satisfied because they know there aren't better options, but when they think about the practical day-to-day use of any specific feature, they feel their needs aren't being met.
  • OR (2) they like their software because it does make their life easier to manage, but there is still enormous opportunity left.
  • OR (3) across the board, whether big software company or small, no one, regardless of age in the industry, funding taken, etc. has proven that all-in-one is actually the way property managers want to consume their software.
If anything, this could be proof that the current movement of siloed, narrow focused software startups in our space that are building "single features" of a PMS have a lot of upside ahead of them. Ultimately, as with our other conclusions, it could easily be a mixture of some or all of these possibilities.
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