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  • Hi there! I'm Filipa, I live in Portugal (Lisbon) where i manage 17 vacation rental properties
    Hi there! I'm Filipa, I live in Portugal (Lisbon) where i manage several family vacation rental properties .
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The story of RENT4REST started at our family´s beach house in Sesimbra, that was built by my parents in 1984, and where I spent most of the weekends and vacations of my childhood and youth.

It was in this house that my brother and I learned how to ride a bicycle and how to swim and collected many other memories that marked our lives. This is a house full of memories from vacations, endless days of playing with cousins, walks on the beach, dives on the swimming pool in the summer, and in winter wonderful evenings by the fireplace. It was in this house that a little bit older, we had our friends over for weekends of fun. Nowadays with our family growing, we want our kids to have the same memories.

To allow the rehabilitation of the house, and because we like to have visits from families and groups from different countries, one day I challenged my father to rent our beach house in Sesimbra to guests.

Having guests from all over the world became such a rewarding experience that we decided to create RENT4REST and rent other properties owned by family and friends.

My name is Filipa, I`m an Environmental Engineer and Veterinarian, but presently I dedicate myself exclusively to the management of RENT4REST. I`m the one who answers all reservations requests, questions and doubts and some times I´ll be the one to welcome you upon your arrival. To help me out with the management of RENT4REST I rely on the help of my husband Filipe and my father António. We work with certified partners for services of occasional Check-in, Cleaning, Maintenance, Transfers and Tours.

We manage all our properties. Each of them was picked because of unique characteristics that distinguish them, such as great views or great location, in front of the beach, on a golf course or in the city center.

Thank you for wanting to know me better,

Best Regards,

Filipa Leitão de Aguiar
Dec 23, 1980 (Age: 40)


Filipa Leitão de Aguiar
Rent4Rest Manager
[email protected]
tel: +351 91 9897275