"Unlocked: The Intermission"

I am proud (and slightly terrified) to share our FULL 6-part podcast series titled "Unlocked: The Intermission" featuring the people who have shaped my horseradish over the last 6 months.

As a disclaimer, these interviews are about much more than technology and hospitality and business. They're about relationships, adversity and struggle, purpose, happiness.

They're about LIFE. And all the unknowns we have to step into along the way. This was the inspiration for our cover art!


Episode 1: The Big Kahuna

Homerunner Valerie Gangas' world changed when she lost her mom. This episode is about how she navigated that change and how transcendental meditation became her tool for business and personal growth. (Spotify | Apple)

Episode 2: From Mother to Son

This episode features my mom Barbara Landau, an award-winning cognitive scientist and...well...my mom. We talk about the journey of trailblazing as a woman in science, our judaism, and much more. (Spotify | Apple)

Episode 3: What's the Purpose of Your Trip?

Guy Fomin was my homerunner host in Israel this past February. He is now back enlisted and fighting for his life. Guy's words are futuristic, authentic, and powerful in the face of the terror attacks and war. (Spotify | Apple)

Episode 4: Everything Was Going Exactly As Planned...

My neighbor and friend Robin Rosenbaum had to deal with the biggest challenge of her life when her marriage came apart during the pandemic. This episode is about her uncertainty and fears amidst that change. And how she so elegantly put one foot in front of the other forward into the unknown. (Spotify | Apple)

Episode 5: Our Fathers Would Be Proud

My best friend from childhood Adam Strauss lost his father when we were in high school. And spent the last 20 years processing that. Only recently has our relationship gone deep enough to be able to discuss themes of purpose and place. (Spotify | Apple)

Episode 6: I Got Stuck

This episode is all about the last year of my life. It features Steve Schwab (co-Founder of Keystone Retreats) and how adversity can enhance relationships...how a lack of clarity and vision can affect one's self. (Spotify | Apple)

Note: Thanks to both Breezeway and bnbfinder for sponsoring this special podcast series. We've got a few bonus episodes for you in store. Stay subscribed!