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The Agile Approach

The Agile Approach 1.1

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How To Build The Ultimate Vacation Rental Tech Stack

Your relationship with technology is a strong indicator of your survival and growth. If you understand what tools are available and right for the job, you can solve almost any problem. Oppositely, if you fail to understand (or overlook) these options, you are at a tremendous disadvantage and prone to burnout (we see this happen all the time).

The tools available to you today are greater than any small business owner in the history of humankind: soon there will be software to replace your spouse (just kidding).

But here’s the big problem...

Unless you are a vacation rental software nerd like @Terry you’re not out there doing demos with every software on the market. You don’t enjoy the research process because that’s not your job: you’ve got guests to take care of and owners to impress!

When it comes to building a technology stack you want to spend the possible putting together the best tech solution on the market to fit. Tying to achieve this balance can be delicate, if not frustrating. Which is why it’s helpful to have a guiding principle to calibrate your various decisions.

This research paper introduces just that: a new way of looking at the software assembly process that we call “The Agile Approach.” It’s a principle you can use today and every step of the way to building your ultimate vacation rental tech stack. We’ve broken down the process into 5 steps.
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Amazing! Terry and Matt do it again! This "Agile Approach" document is the cutting edge AND the most basic approach to tech that I have seen. There is valuable learning for every type of vacation rental, from the owner/operator with two properties like me to growing PMs. Thank you! This is the reason why Inner Circle is a great investment.
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Great explanation of the various tools necessary to property management broken down in to categories
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