Keynote Series: Package Deal

Keynote Series: Package Deal
Explore and gain a comprehensive understanding of the latest trends and underlying factors influencing the short-term vacation rental industry. Learn the best practices to leverage these trends, stay ahead and capitalize on them.

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Featured in this package deal:
  • Homerunners,
  • Inflection Point,
  • The Theory of Limited Edition,
  • Hydrofoil.
What to expect:

This content pack consists of four presentations that cover various aspects of the vacation rental industry:
  1. The keynote presentation titled "Homerunners" focuses on the idea of a personalized tech stack to enhance hospitality practices.
  2. The presentation on "Inflection Point" discusses how independent vacation rental owners and managers can take advantage of the current moment to revolutionize the industry while being mindful of external factors.
  3. The "Theory of Limited Edition" is an 8-part marketing checklist that can help vacation rental professionals build a unique brand.
  4. Lastly, the "Hydrofoil" presentation talks about how some owners and managers have successfully innovated and created new markets for their businesses amidst the pandemic, leading to effortless growth and renewed motivation.

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