Banners & Stripes

If you've arrived on this page, it's because you were curious about the stripes we use as a way to recognize members in VRMB Communities. The colors and corresponding opportunities represent VRMB's educational ecosystem: from multimedia interviews to private retreats to advancement programs consider upping your game today! 

Premium Member
The majority of our membership base, Premium members come from all over the world to virtually collaborate and problem-solve -- the only requirement is that you want to run a more professional business. Premium members are candidates for our more advanced programs. Join here.

Accelerator Members with this stripe knowingly signed up for and completed "the hardest vacation rental course in the world." Each Accelerator cohort (anywhere from 6-10 students) consists of downloadable materials, private calls, and accountability coaching. Apply here

Keystone Retreat VRMB's first foray into events! This stripe represents members who have attended a small in-person leadership retreat known as Keystone Retreat. Apply here.  

Members with the Ambassador stripe have demonstrated one of our core values (generosity, thoughtfulness, interdependence, personality, participation) in a noteworthy way. Ambassadors have ascended in the vacation rental industry to speak at events, host podcasts, conduct research and much more.