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Hi everyone!

I enrolled with Glimpse fall of last year (2020) and wanted to share this resource as you may find it suitable and beneficial for your own properties (had to give it some time to make sure).

Glimpse is to VRMs what Statusphere is to social media influencers. Basically, it's a promotional platform that pairs products with placement opportunities (the primary placement opp being inside of vacation rental homes).

The concept for value exchange here is that VRMs get free products to add to their amenities list for guests to enjoy and brands get to extend their market reach in a novel way. If guests like the products in the home, they can purchase them at a discount direct from suppliers (using your referral link).

Personally, we've placed half a dozen products across various homes, with the qualifiers being "fitness" for the property. Some of the things we've received (for free) include a Lyric massage gun, a Tushy bidet, and a snooz white noise machine. And most recently, we've qualified for two premium purple mattresses (king size) at two different properties.

The perks serve both of our customers: guests (elevated experience) and owners (free products for them to use when they visit their home, not to mention the added value in terms of ADR at no expense to them). All we do as the host/manager is click a few buttons to apply for the product, and place some signage in the house/guest materials.

Here's a sign-up link if you want to get going (completely free, it does have my affiliate however). Otherwise, click here to visit the site for more info. And of course feel free to message me directly if you have questions or want to discuss more!
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