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  1. Matt Landau

    Midweek Motivation HomeToGo: A Big New "Listing Site" For Your Consideration

    Note: This is not a paid post (VRMB does not do paid posts) and I have zero personal or financial relationship with this company. Over the last few months I've attended a number of conferences and one of the benefits is you get to see companies making an effort to impress themselves upon...
  2. Matt Landau

    Midweek Motivation Can We Move Slowly and Fix Things?

    "Move fast and break things" (aka. MFABT for the remainder of this post) was originally coined by Mark Zuckerberg for his internal Facebook team regarding design and management. But it has since become a catchphrase for how many start-ups and entrepreneurs think about "disruptive" technology...
  3. Matt Landau

    Midweek Motivation How Do We Feel About This Airbnb Ad Featuring Scottie Pippen?

    To me, there's something a little awkward about addressing the topics of bad guests (smoke, noise, parties) so bluntly. It's like, these are real problems, and you shouldn't do them, wink wink. I kinda like it. But not sure. Thoughts?
  4. Matt Landau

    Midweek Motivation What Makes A Vacation Rental Professional?

    Our industry is at a pivotal juncture. Vacation rental demand at all-time high means... New owners & managers need guidance and... Guests need training or else... Unrealistic expectations produce... Bad actors who... Tarnish the craft and contribute to unfair regulation in your region Until...
  5. Matt Landau

    Midweek Motivation 8 Deep Adjustments To Your Listings

    Note: Thanks to @ToonTownRob for posting this mini-revelation about the power of starting your email responses with a twist. It inspired this week's Motivation (and I decided to record it in podcast form too below). Listing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo rank as the top pound-for-pound allocation...