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Matt Landau
  • Founder, VRMB

EP01: Lumpy Mail & The Importance of Doing Things that Don’t Scale with Stan Horst

Stan Horst is one of the world’s few vacation rental veterans. He’s been hosting guests before the days of AirBnB, HomeAway, and even before the internet itself. With his unique perspective, Stan shares how his business modeled has evolved in the digital age, and how he still uses old-school marketing tactics to drive extraordinary results. We hope this episode will stir up some latent creativity, and show you that it’s possible for a new dog to learn old tricks.

In this episode you’ll learn...
  • How Stan marketed his vacation rental before the internet
  • How Stan continues to use traditional offline marketing methods to stand out in a crowded online marketplace.
  • Stan’s annoyance with traditional “follow up survey” requests
  • Stan’s uniquely effective follow up email strategy to get reviews & repeat guests.
  • How Stan leverages “Lumpy Mail” and aliens to get a 1700% ROI
  • Stan’s strategic use of discounts to drive bookings
  • Why doing things that don’t scale create value
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