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Our quest to quantify vacation rental advocacy health continues in Episode 2 with Linda Curry of Arizonans for Responsible Tourism!

Arizona is as good of an environment for short term rentals right now as any we've seen in the United States. (Though, as Matt cautions, we shouldn't assume the score of a destination before really digging into our research.) If we can pinpoint what is working in Arizona, we'll start to know what a high score looks like and be able to pass on some ideas for those struggling in more difficult regulatory environments.

Linda Curry went from managing a single property to running an advocacy organization with statewide reach. In this episode she helps us navigate the unique arrangement in Arizona and understand what is working and what is still challenging on the ground.

This season is made possible by Minut and TrackHS as well as our thought partner AirDNA.

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Visit our Whiteboard to see questions, roadblocks and breakthroughs from each episode in the pursuit of a scorecard here:

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Linda Curry of

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