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What Happens When A Rocket Scientist Becomes A Vacation Rental Professional?

What Happens When A Rocket Scientist Becomes A Vacation Rental Professional?

Bruce Bruce Ikelheimer is a vacation rental engineer and the owner of Banjoe Vacations in Asheville and Lake Lure, NC.

To be specific, Bruce owns two vacation rental properties — one in each destination. But he’s reached that inflection point that so many successful property managers know: he’s good at what he does, he enjoys it, he’s making money, and others are approaching him to manage their homes. It’s all so exciting that he’s hoping to transition out of his acoustic engineering job and focus on making memories full time.

In this fun interview we discuss Bruce’s philosophy of how to make an unglamorous job much less annoying: the pickle of when to pull the trigger on investments and hiring that can help him grow, and why vacation rentals as a category are (generally speaking) so positive and fun!

This episode is brought you by PointCentral, the leaders in smart home automation, and Breezeway, the best in class property care and automations platform.

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