vacation rental marketing

  1. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas What Makes A Vacation Rental Professional?

    Our industry is at a pivotal juncture. Vacation rental demand at all-time high means... New owners & managers need guidance and... Guests need training or else... Unrealistic expectations produce... Bad actors who... Tarnish the craft and contribute to unfair regulation in your region Until...
  2. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas How To Beat A Land Grab? Be Picky.

    As children, we’re told not to be picky. "Don’t be a picky eater." "It’s only a summer job, don’t be so picky." As we enter adulthood, being picky starts to be a good thing. "Be picky with your accountant." "Be picky when choosing your spouse." And as vacation rental pros in this...
  3. Matt Landau

    A Thoughtful Formula to Achieving Single Property Success

    @Sherry Woodhouse and Darrel Looney are two of my all-time favorite vacation rental marketing heroes. They curate their stunning Villa Mais Oui in Jamaica from their home in Central Illinois. A true remote Limited Edition business. It has not been easy for them: but when you hear WHY they do...
  4. Matt Landau

    How to Uncover Hidden Bookings Left on the Table [Transcript & Resources]

    This week Matt sits down with @ambercarpenter of DemandIQ to talk about a significant source of revenue we've all been missing. What started as a capstone project for Amber's master's degree has become must-use tech for the entire vacation rental industry. This episode is brought you by Point...
  5. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas 8 Deep Adjustments To Your Listings

    Note: Thanks to @ToonTownRob for posting this mini-revelation about the power of starting your email responses with a twist. It inspired this week's Motivation (and I decided to record it in podcast form too below). Listing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo rank as the top pound-for-pound allocation...
  6. Matt Landau

    Unlocked Episode 86: Stephanie Farr (Transcript & Resources)

    In this Episode, the season premiere of Unlocked Magic Zones Steph Farr of Maya Luxe walks us through every aspect of her vacation rental business. From owner relations, giving back to the community and thriving during a global pandemic, Steph is one of the most limited edition vacation rental...