Homeowner Policies, PMS Challenges, Hotel Innovations, and Personalization Magic

The following are private discussions inside of VRMB Community that sparked interest over the last week. VRMB Community is designed for growing owners and managers looking to innovate and push the boundaries of guest experience. Wanna support and learn? Join us today!

+ Ruth shares her view on the "take it or leave it" approach to homeowners in her market. Stacey got the conversation started about second home owners versus vacation rental owners.

+ David is realizing trying to explain how the PMS and Quickbooks should be "communicating" to an accountant, felt like trying to explain astrophysics to his three year old. ("Daddy, is it snack time?")

+ "Be ready for more hotels to add kitchens to rooms and emphasize onsite staffing to serve guests" - Lauren is fascinated by this. "My imagination is actually running wild with the possibilities."

+ Linda figured out how to increase reviews on properties through reciprocity. She's sending a survey to guests asking if they are bringing children and their ages and what they might be celebrating if anything...The rest is personalization magic!

These are just a handful of the lively discussions happening right now inside VRMB Community. Our members are eager to swap stories, share hard-earned wisdom, and push each other to innovate.

So don't be shy - jump into the fray! Your experiences and ideas could be exactly what someone else needs to hear. The more you contribute, the more we all grow together.

Join the Conversation and let's shape the future of hospitality!

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