Influencer Mishaps, Owner Stays, and Rental Car Programs: Tackling Tough Decisions in STR Management

Are you grappling with complex decisions in your short-term rental operation? You're not alone! The VRMB Community is here to help - it's a hub for thoughtful STR professionals to connect, share insights, and navigate challenges together. Join us today and tap into the collective wisdom of this vibrant group.

Let's dive into some of the most engaging discussions happening now:

+ Barry shares a "learning experience" with an influencer photoshoot gone awry. "She's classy. I felt it was a good fit. I'd have her back for more photos." Intrigued? Read more to see how Barry handles this delicate situation.

+ Sarah is re-evaluating her "owner stays" policy after 13 years in business. Chime in with your own tried-and-true approaches for managing owner stays and resetting boundaries with long-term clients.

+ Considering a free rental car program for your STR? Terry is too, and she's looking for input to streamline the process. Linda at Koloa Kai has a wealth of experience to share. Follow this thread for valuable implementation tips.

+ When you're traveling, who can you count on to manage emergency contacts for your rental? Ruth offers advice to simplify Nick's dilemma. Check out this fantastic discussion!
The VRMB Community is all about digging into the nitty-gritty of STR management - the good, the bad, and the complex. We're here to help you navigate decisions with confidence, armed with insights from fellow professionals who have been there.

Ready to lend your voice to the conversation? Join the VRMB Community today and share your experiences - your unique perspective could be the spark that ignites meaningful change in the world of STRs. Together, we're redefining hospitality, one insightful discussion at a time.
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