I was asked to share my Kitchen Guide for VR Property Owners in another group on FB so thought I would share for our community also here.

I curated this guide to stocking a vacation rental kitchen from Guest feedback over the years. We're located in the mid-Atlantic at the Delaware Beaches so perhaps some of these items are specific to our market, but what do I know? The popularity of crockpots, salad spinners, and Champagne flutes caught me by surprise! Who knew? I draw a line at a sous-vide machine. I put that down to one special request!

Some pointers:
  • The guide is formatted as a 'hidden' page on our website for our Owners to see via a private link we share during onboarding and at key times of the year (spring and fall inventory checkpoints).
  • I also created a checklist as a jpg file that can be printed off to use to take inventory and as a shopping list.
  • I also created a link to a public shopping list on Amazon.
  • This guide assumes 12 Guests. It would need to be tailored for your occupancy.
Here is the link to the web page for the guide https://www.seachangevacationrentals.com/vacation-rental-staging-guide-to-kitchens/

I also attached the jpg file I created for the checklist. I created that in Photoshop with fairly rudimentary skills.

Feel free to borrow/adapt to your needs. Let me know if it helps!

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