Trending This Week: Crypto, Expert Hiring, and Guest Review Tactics

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+ Henna revives a mega thread on cryptocurrencies: are you accepting crypto and if so have you learned anything noteworthy? It's quite a fascinating thread to read through: a reflection of the evolution of hospitality & technology.

+ Hiring experts is a powerful way to accelerate...but please be thorough in who you deem an expert. I am always happy to recommend experts/consultants but I don't know anything about Gila's request (a particular group of online "experts" offering a program for "multiplying exposure, SEO on the listing sites, increasing conversion by using split testing, and implementing a strong pricing strategy.")

+ Rob makes a subtle but huge distinction between rewarding guests for giving 5-star reviews VERSUS rewarding guests who share their already honest great reviews in multiple places online. Love his thought process!

+ This is slightly embarrassing but I recorded this video tutorial on Soliciting and Leveraging Guest Reviews back in 2015 (the embarrassing part is my delivery. The content is great!). Todd Doyle points out that it makes a big difference when you help guests with topics to write about. Brilliant!

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