How to build trust, convey expertise and convert your inquiries into life-long customers.
My mother is a brain scientist who has earned an incredible array of accolades over the last few decades. Becoming a scientist wasn't common for women in her generation so (with the help of great mentors) she chose to blaze her own trail.

My father was a shopkeeper whose family business served as a keystone to the community of Princeton, New Jersey his entire adult life (he has since retired and the shop...
From the young age of two, my family begin hosting exchange students from all over the world. My mom was a HS teacher and my father was the...

An inside joke is humor that requires information only available to a group.

It can be as small as a joke between you and your guest.

And when pulled off, it forms a connection that deepens the relationship: making you more than just another place to stay, but a true insider friend.

@StacyW recently shared with me this text message interchange between her team member Lacey and a...
I first met this guest on the trail in front of our house while it was under construction for remodeling. As he was chatting about his vacation stay there, I mentioned I too had a house for rent and invited him to come to tour our house for his next vacation. His 4 yo and...
This week’s discussion all about niche marketing ideas comes directly from the golf course! @CJ sent me the following photo of a vacation rental owner who scatters golf balls with contact information around the backyard of his golf course-front vacation home in Georgia. This is a cheap, creative, and focused way of speaking directly to his target audience.

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  • Where are...
What a great idea! A previous guest painted encouraging messages on small rocks and left them all over the farm - it was fun to find them. I always left them for...
Note: Thanks to ToonTownRob ToonTownRob for posting this mini-revelation about the power of starting your email responses with a twist. It inspired this week's Motivation (and I decided to record it in podcast form too below).

Listing sites like Airbnb and Vrbo rank as the top pound-for-pound allocation of your time to generate inquiries. All the various listing sites...
#3 from the Guest point of view. We wanted to rent a dog-friendly house in a specific beach community for three months...
Hey @EBadia -- what do you think about the word “boutique” to describe what makes vacation rental companies great? Used in all of our marketing materials and in our day-to-day, could "boutique" successfully convey what makes vacation rental companies great in ways that other words (we've come up with) can not?

Side Note: For those of you who haven't listened, Evelyn and I are on a mission to...
I added the word "boutique" to my listing title on Airbnb when this thread first came out. My summer is filled. However, Airbnb has recently ELIMINATED titles in their listing search. I understand this is a new AI standard for them. Now, when searching you...

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