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Setting, meeting, and exceeding expectations with delightful surprises and originality.
Setting and meeting a guest's expectations is an essential factor in any hospitality marketing campaign. After all, if you don't set and meet expectations (no matter how spiffy your direct booking funnel) there's no repeat or referral stays.

And I don't think I've ever come across a question that sets the tone for the booking and stay process quite as well as the following:

"What's the purpose of your...
We tend to direct guests to our FAQ’s page and a link to our home page, but we follow up with the comment. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please get in touch and we’ll do our best to help. Directing...

An inside joke is humor that requires information only available to a group.

It can be as small as a joke between you and your guest.

And when pulled off, it forms a connection that deepens the relationship: making you more than just another place to stay, but a true insider friend.

@StacyW recently shared with me this text message interchange between her team member Lacey and a...
I first met this guest on the trail in front of our house while it was under construction for remodeling. As he was chatting about his vacation stay there, I mentioned I too had a house for rent and...
If you do one thing thing this year, double down on your hospitality brand.

Your hospitality brand is your unique style of taking care of guests (both internally with your team and outwardly with guests) and it's the single most valuable asset *fully in your control* that deserves attention, resources, and in some cases serious course corrections. Remember, Quality Branded IP stands the test of...
I guess my issue with branding is that it feels like a marshmallow. It's a little hard to get a real concept of, and I can't quite put a finger on something concrete. And then how do you express it? Develop a set of words that are used repeatedly to portray a concept? Offer reviews...
Report of Survey results - includes questions. Can be used by VR managers to better understand guest behaviour in order to tailor property amenities / services to them.
Lately I've found myself especially drawn to hotel and vacation rental photography that uses props or staged items to evoke a warm, welcoming scene or aspirational vignette.

With our exploration of "first mover" marketing plays, I have to think staged photography is right up there at the top of the "What doesn't currently exist in your market, but will become ubiquitous once someone starts doing it?" list don't...
I have battled it out with a few of my team over the years about staging a photo to set the scene, vis. a more conventional real estate style of...

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