VRMB 2023 Trends Report: The Roadmap

VRMB 2023 Trends Report: The Roadmap
An annual distillation of patterns for STR operators to keep an eye on as you grow your business into 2023 and beyond.

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Each year VRMB Founder, Matt Landau distills his predictions and advice into one PDF document

On an annual basis, Matt Landau interviews and meets with more professional short term rental leaders than perhaps anyone in the world. The patterns that emerge from thousands of intimate discussions start to stand out strikingly -- so Matt spends one week each year distilling those powerpatterns into one outline that he uses to plan his own time and investments in the coming 18 months. This PDF reads like an essay underscoring opportunities and cautionary warning signs. This PDF is designed for any curious market player (from property owners to property managers to service providers) looking to capitalize and get ahead of the trends. More specifically, this PDF is for those who want to make company decisions with more confidence and lead their teams with more clarity into the future.

Note: This report is NOT for those looking for quick wins and this is NOT a structured learning product.

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