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  1. Matt Landau

    I Sued The City of Santa Barbara. And Won!

    This is among the most important stories in the history of our nascent vacation rental movement: When the city of Santa Barbara threatened to shut down short term rentals, Theo Kracke of Paradise Retreats sued them…AND WON! Theo’s “honey badger” persistence and rainmaking skills will send...
  2. Matt Landau

    Midweek Motivation The Presumptive Close

    While editing next week's Unlocked interview with Theo Kracke (who sued the City of Santa Barbara for the right to operate short term rentals -- and won) I learned a neat trick that Theo uses to get the owners (of the properties he manages) to contribute money to the fair regulation fight...
  3. Matt Landau

    Counter-Viewpoint: I Don’t Want Short Term Rentals in My Neighborhood

    In this episode, Matt sits down with Jessica Sheedy Black -- a neighborhood advocate and regional leader of the Texas Neighborhood Coalition -- for a sobering look at the other side of the vacation rental advocacy debate. As a warning Jessica is not a short term rental advocate. So you may be...
  4. Matt Landau

    How To Save Your Vacation Rental Business Podcast [Transcripts] 1.0

    A PDF document containing all the transcribed episodes of this industry-first podcast.