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Matt Landau
  • Founder, VRMB

2023 Trends and Predictions with Lino Maldonado of BeHome247

In this episode we sit down with Lino Maldonado, the CEO of BeHome247, to discuss where the industry is headed in 2023. Lino also offers advice on how to navigate the changing landscape of life and capitalize on new opportunities.

This episode is brought you by PointCentral: the leaders in smart home automation, and Breezeway, the best in class property care and automations platform.

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Great podcast.
18:00 minute mark > Do way more in the PMS which I have been saying since /2018.
24:00 minute mark > PMS Light, no threat.
34:00 minute mark > Bloodbath, could not agree more. The self proclaimed Airbnbers are in big trouble. Saturated market and with no escape route. They only way they can now compete is a race to the bottom with their rates.

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