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Matt Landau
  • Founder, VRMB

Authentic Innovation with Barry Shimelfarb

Today's episode features Barry Shimelfarb, who is a short-term rental operator, an executive coach to tech leaders in Silicon Valley, and a father of two.

In this episode, Barry opens up about one of the most difficult times in his life and how this has shaped his guest philosophy, the way he manages his businesses, and the way he tries to make the best use of every single day.

In addition, Barry shares how he used his years of hosting experience to create Super Host Bootcamp,, in which he shares his best secrets about how to boost bookings and increase profits in fewer hours.

This episode is brought to you in partnership with OwnerRez, a property management software that covers small homeowners and large PMs alike.

If you would like to join Barry, Matt, and over 1200 of the most creative Vacation Rental operators in the world, make sure to head over to
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