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EP109: The Trickiest Challenges of Vacation Rental Housekeeping And How To Solve (Some Of) Them

Lane is the CEO of Cleancio, vacation rental cleaning on demand. Is among the top subject matter experts in the vacation rental sector. She started off with a problem like a lot of us: figuring out a consistent cleaning solution to her and her husband’s vacation rental properties.

But unlike a lot of us, that problem turned into an opportunity for Rocio, as she went way down the housekeeping rabbit hole, peeling back the layers of the housekeeping problem until she got to its core.

The result? An deep and nuanced understanding of WHY housekeeping is so hard for small VR businesses and as we’ll discuss today, the most efficient ways to alleviate that pain. From hiring great housekeepers, to retaining them, to interacting with guests, to scraping poop off toilets (it’s what we do)

This episode is brought to you by Point Central, the leaders in smart home automation, and Breezeway, the best in class property care and automations platform.


  • Cleancio Tripple C Guide - Cleancio Tripple C Guide .pdf
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  • The Trickiest Challenges of Vacation Rental Housekeeping And How To Solve (Some Of) Them.pdf
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