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Unlocking the Power of Market Research and Polling for Vacation Rentals

In this episode, we're thrilled to have Vina Rathbone-Falvey, a market research expert, joining us. Throughout the season, we've been exploring ways to quantify the challenging questions surrounding public sentiment and community feelings towards vacation rental regulations for our scorecard.

Vina guides us through the power of market research and polling in understanding and navigating these complex issues. From surveying guests to social listening and more, Vina will share her expertise on how to gain a deeper understanding of public opinion and make data-driven decisions. Additionally, she will also provide insights on how to pair that data with human stories for greater impact on communities and government.

This season is made possible by Minut and TrackHS as well as our thought partner AirDNA.

AirDNA is every vacation rental manager's go-to source for themost accurate property performance, benchmarking, and acquisition insights. Come see why over 2,000 global VRMs trust AirDNA to move their businesses forward.

Minut monitors noise, occupancy, motion and temperature in rental properties, helping hosts care for their homes, guests and community.

Track Hospitality Software powered by TravelNet Solutions transforms your vacation rental company so you can transform the way vacation rental advocacy plays out in your region.

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