Why Markets Shouldn't Bet Against Relationships

Love the connections you made above Matt! Since Covid I refuse to do business with people I can't speak with (like booking.com). I think when you make business relational you invest more into it. I think if someone is coming to one of my rentals and they can see what my company is all about, family run etc, or they see maybe some info about my homeowner they are 10x's (my numbers I pulled out of nowhere) more likely to treat the home better, staff, and when a problem arises more likely to reach out and have a conversation with me, versus just going straight to Social Media to air their grievances. I think technology is a big part of our business, but I think it should help us do our business not take over. While we have keyless entry we still have an office folks can come visit. We are also working on maybe offering some happy hours in our area to meet our guests and owners. Since we don't always see everyone we are going to add videos to a lot of our check in materials and guide books so they still get a feel of who we are even if we haven't met. My hope is with technology continuing to take over that we still sprinkle some connection in there!! Although on a personal note with raising children I keep thinking the Amish have it right! I am ready to abandon it all as raising kids and even my own personal mind need to get away from all the tech!

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