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This week's tip comes from @Jed in VRMB's Accelerator Program where we walk managers through the foundational elements (step by step) for creating a company that lasts. We're accepting applicants for our next cohort beginning this month~! Here's one of your instructors @LindaS and I talking about the power of realtors... Local realtors can be a great source of leads. Local realtors are trusted by their...
When you create strong relationships with realtors you not only receive referrals from them when they are in the process of the real estate sale, they will refer past clients who are unhappy with their management companies.
My friend Molly is on vacation in India and shared with me how hospitable everyone is: how strangers were so generous and welcoming with food; how everyone refers to her as Miss and Madame; how she felt like royalty and soon discovered the Sanskrit phrase: Atithi Devo Bhava which translates as "The Guest is God." Note: You can read more about this 'code of conduct' here. In our world, many argue a mantra that...
I suggest each owner or property manager needs a MISSION to drive their business that makes sense for their goals with 2 fundamental...

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