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Challenge: Creativity is like a muscle. The more you exercise it, the more it strengthens your story and your vision for the future. I'd like to challenge members to share one short story that moved them emotionally (reference the feelings wheel for inspiration) in the last few weeks. It can be short. Or long. Great or lame. The mere act of sharing your quick story is the creative act in and of...
When we started living in our vacation house in Mexico for six months a year, I never suspected our...
My mother is a brain scientist who has earned an incredible array of accolades over the last few decades. Becoming a scientist wasn't common for women in her generation so (with the help of great mentors) she chose to blaze her own trail.

My father was a shopkeeper whose family business served as a keystone to the community of Princeton, New Jersey his entire adult life (he has since retired and the shop...
From the young age of two, my family begin hosting exchange students from all over the world. My mom was a HS teacher and my father was the friendliest human you could ever meet! I also recall many students hanging at the house as well. Looking back...
From Phocuswright's STR study Through The Roof, 87% of travelers agreed or strongly agreed that they actively seek out properties with an interesting look and feel. "Character" was not a make it or break it moment of the conversion -- but definitely a big appeal.

Character is where a huge new wave of vacation rental entrepreneurs are investing: tree houses, tents, themed homes...etc.

So I wanted to start...
@RuthM recently shared this article with me "Why You’ll Be 750x Better Off Running An Airbnb Than A Vacation Rental Or Holiday Let" suggesting that how you feel about terminology does not matter...it's the public search statistics that should...
Most great stories have contrasts: people/characters, opinions, places, emotions, really anything that is different from something else in juxtaposition or close association. Contrasts move the story along, add flavor, and yes! When you use contrasts, people are doubly likely to resonate with your story!

Stories without contrasts lack texture and feel just kinda beige.

When you're in the process of formulating...

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