1. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas How Did OLD BAY Take Over The World?

    OLD BAY is a limited edition brand that we can emulate. It is valuable, it is authentic, and it is niche! What started as a family-owned, locally-headquartered, and specialized spice eventually got acquired in 1990 by McCormick Spice Company (adding to its portfolio alongside brands like...
  2. Matt Landau

    VRMB 2022 Trends Report 1.0

    An annual distillation of patterns to keep an eye on as you grow your vacation rental business into 2023 and beyond.
  3. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas Does "Leverage Convert Knowledge Into Power"?

    I recently came across this quote (above) and realized how many of the most successful vacation rental pros I know are masters of leverage AND how many of the most knowledgable vacation rental pros I know could use leverage in fun new ways to thrive (however they may define that). So I wanted...
  4. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas Counter-intuitive Marketing For The Win!

    "7 Reasons Casco Viejo is NOT For You" (original blog post from 2010 attached) was the single most profitable piece of content I ever created as a vacation rental marketer. In a way that affirmative marketing can not, this article clearly established who we were (as a vacation rental company in...
  5. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas Limited Edition marketing for the win!

    This week’s discussion all about niche marketing ideas comes directly from the golf course! @CJ sent me the following photo of a vacation rental owner who scatters golf balls with contact information around the backyard of his golf course-front vacation home in Georgia. This is a cheap...
  6. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas Draped Blankets (and more staging) For The Win!

    Lately I've found myself especially drawn to hotel and vacation rental photography that uses props or staged items to evoke a warm, welcoming scene or aspirational vignette. With our exploration of "first mover" marketing plays, I have to think staged photography is right up there at the top of...
  7. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas Ever Heard of Storm Watching?

    Storm Watching is a creative marketing strategy by the destination of Tofino on Vancouver Island in British Columbia...turning lemons into lemonade...taking a low season and turning it into something new and aspirational. Stoke the fire, pull a chair up to the window, and snuggle into a down...
  8. Matt Landau

    The Difference Between Selling and Championing

    What do Japanese whiskey, oysters at a hardware store, and limited edition basketball jerseys have in common? We'll get to that in a moment... This week I had the chance to see many of you (@Megan C @MichelleR @Matthew @BrianO @BlakeM @AndyM @Nars @StacyW @GregoryF) at the NWVRP Conference in...
  9. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas Old-School Advertising That Still Works

    This past week with my parents in town sitting on the beach, we watched as plane after plane flew by promoting this, that, and the other. It made me realize: planes towing advertisements at the beach has been around for decades (what started off as standard letters have now evolved into aerial...
  10. Matt Landau

    Big Ideas My Lesson Learned from $795/hr Copywriter

    From last week's discussion about marketing the word "boutique" (which has evolved like a beautiful living document 🌱) I was inspired to share a lesson I learned from a $795/hour copywriter. Tell ‘Em What You’re Going To Tell ‘Em Next, Tell ‘Em Next, Tell ‘Em What You Told ‘Em OK so this isn't...
  11. DAngotti

    Article Persona-Based Marketing: The Small Tweak That Delivers Massive Results

    Most owners and managers respond to the same inquiries and questions frequently. And the more advanced folks use automation such as canned messages and auto-responders. But very rarely do we realize that not all guests are equal, and that responding in the same way to everyone is actually...
  12. Matt Landau

    How Vacation Rental Hospitality Made My World Larger

    @Sallie Mitchell, formerly of Casa Mar Azul vacation rental in San Pancho, Mexico knows what it's like to plan for a dream, live with the realities of that dream, and ultimately exit the dream in a positive fashion. Onwards to the next chapter. In this episode Sallie and Matt explore the idea...