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  1. Matt Landau

    You Gotta Tell 'em, Tell 'em, and Tell 'em Again

    Disclaimer: This may sound stupid simple but it really works. I recommend you try. IDEA To solve a fellow VRMB Community member's very important messaging question, we recently spent $700 for one hour with a copywriting consultant. Yes, this is a huge amount of money. But I had been following...
  2. Matt Landau

    "Build your business as if you'll own it forever, but could sell it tomorrow"

    Only after publishing this week's Unlocked Interview with Eric Broughton of InhabitIQ -- who is buying up various property management software companies -- have I (finally) come to (fully) understand the (irreversible) way our cottage industry is evolving: Starts out fragmented = large number...
  3. Matt Landau

    What Do These Businesses Have In Common?

    I’ve always been inspired by small business owners. Specifically, those who have used small business to create a lifestyle that fulfills. Cajun Claws, for instance. A small crawfish restaurant in Abbeville, Louisiana, which seats a total of about 30 tables per evening. After waiting in line for...
  4. Matt Landau

    Don't Sell. Storytell!

    I was out to dinner at Marcus Samuelsson's restaurant Red Rooster last week. (Yes, the same restaurant that was featured in "10 Oxtails.") Trying to decide on an adult beverage. When the waitress suggested a wine I had never heard of before. "So two sisters, separated at birth, one raised in...
  5. Matt Landau

    3 Steps To Unlocking Niches: The Next Wave in Vacation Rentals

    Niches are the next big thing in vacation rentals. They are the essence of Theory of Limited Edition: that if you do the things only/inimitably YOU, that no bigger/richer company can ever compete. Special interest and geographic niches possess significant profit: they are not scalable: and...
  6. Matt Landau

    P.S. 10 Oxtails

    IDEA: This past week I had dinner at Red Rooster in Miami: the chef Marcus Samuelsson (from tv show Chopped) channels his Ethiopian roots, making for a most remarkable blend of spice and flavor (said in my best food critic voice). The waitress seated us and before getting our drinks pointed out...
  7. Matt Landau


    What is "enough" for your vacation rental business? In this short thread, I'll argue why your ability to answer that question is synonymous with your keys to the vacation rental kingdom. (And oppositely why, if you can't give an answer, you're missing out on perhaps our industry's greatest...